Hollywood Mouth 2



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Wedding Guests
(In Alphabetical Order)

Esther Barrile
Michael Barrile
Hong-My Basrai
Barbara Bologna
Sandy Bose
Richard Buck
Eileen Flores
Houria Hall
Maria Kessler
Anthony Paquin
Nickolas Paquin
Addy Philbrook
Jonathan Philbrook
Sharryn Philbrook
Diane Street
Rich Street
Elaine Swank
My Truong
Sheila Tze

Cast Appearing
In Featurette

Sam Bologna as Sal Getty
Alexander Des Combes as Montgomery Clift
Ronald Duthweiler as Bela Lugosi
Matthew Glaser as Soren/Arthur Miller
Mary Hanson as Reno/Marilyn Monroe
Chris Karmiol as Reverend Clifford La Cour
Steven Lamprinos as Orson Welles
Barbara Mohr as Justine
Janelle Powers as Janis Joplin
James Tourigny as James Dean

Voice of Jordan Mohr, Director
Voice of Paul Preston, Cameraman


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